Video #1 – The 6 Essentials That Every Website Needs

Not all websites are created alike. We are not talking about colors and design here, we are talking about the features that give a website the power to convert lookers into buyers. According to Google, on average people spend less than 60 seconds on a website they first land on. If there isn’t anything that keeps their attention, off they go.

Below are 6 essential features a website must have in order to keep visitors there for more than 60 seconds for them to develop a relationship and become a client/patient.

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Features in detail

1. Feature: A lead capture feature with a Free Report Download*

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The websites come with a PDF report titled “The Top 10 Reasons to Try Acupuncture” already written and professionally laid-out for your potential patients to download for free.

Benefit: The potential patient who comes to your site looking for a solution to a problem will be able to easily download free information that makes their decision process easier. In exchange, you get their name and email address and can take the first step in starting a relationship with them.  It turns a “ghost visitor” into a “warm lead”.

2. Feature: Integrated Blog

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The latest blog posts appear on the front page of your site, allowing you to run specials and promotions, entice potential patients with images and articles, and announce the latest news about your practice.

Benefit: This method keeps your content fresh and helps you rank better in search engines. This is also a great way to create a sustained top-of-mind awareness with your current patients, an effective strategy in having repeat customers.

3. Feature: Testimonial Page

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A testimonial page catalogs all of the testimonials you have gathered, and a widget on the sidebar picks random testimonials from your collection of happy patients.

Benefit: “Word of Mouth” is still a very effective way to get new business and a credible testimonial placed strategically on your website will serve the purpose of your potential client hearing about you from someone else. A good testimonial substantiates the claims you make about your expertise and ability to solve the problems of your patients.

4. Feature: Acupuncture Education Library*

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We converted the most popular brochures by Acupuncture Media Works into a library of information for your website visitors.  Also available are 27 symptom-specific ‘What We Treat’ modules, such as Pain, Allergies, Headaches, Insomnia, PMS etc., taken from the print versions of Acupuncture Media Works popular education cards.

Additionally, you will have full access to add, change, and remove text and categories from the provided content!

Benefit: This library of information establishes you as an expert in your prospective patients’ eyes and distinguishes you from other acupuncturists in your area.

5. Feature: Search Engine Optimized*

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Acuperfect Websites are designed with Search Engine Optimization in mind. Give us keywords and a description of your business and we will add them to your site’s meta tags. We will submit your sitemap to Google and other major search engines to increase your rank. Google Analytics will be installed to so you can track your site’s visitors.

Benefit: Google is the name of the game, period! Though our Basic and Premium sites only have on-page SEO (hiring a full-featured SEO company can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per month), having a site built on a platform that is designed to be easily indexed by Google (and other search engines) is essential for good search engine placement. Our Ultimate website package has both on-page and off-page SEO. Learn about the difference here.

6. Feature: Designed for acupuncturists by an acupuncturist

Acuperfect Websites are conceptualized by an acupuncturist who has been in practice for 14 years.  The websites are designed with a blend of online marketing principles and acupuncture industry needs in mind.

Benefit: The information and the features on the websites are geared towards eliminating some of the misconceptions prospective patients have about acupuncture.  The solution AcuPerfect websites offers is: powerful, interactive patient education tools written in a concise and clear language.

7.  Feature: No contracts to sign

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Selecting an Acuperfect Website for your business does not come with any strings attached or contracts to sign.  You can see for yourself how powerful these websites can be without fear of being stuck in a long-term contract.

Benefit: You are free to use the internet and drive traffic to your website as often or as little as you want without being bound by the cost or the limitations of a contract. You can add your website to local listings and post articles that link to your website or exchange links with other practitioners.

8. Feature: Interactive Widgets*

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We included a digital flipbook version of our popular “Acupuncture in a Nutshell” and an interactive quiz that teaches current and potential patients about the meridians and how they relate to the seasons, as well as what conditions can arise if they are not properly balanced. The quiz is updated automatically 4 times per year.

Benefit: People form a connection and interest when they interact with different features.  Interactive features woven creatively into a website content makes a website successful at capturing the attention of the visitor as they stay engaged, increasing their interest in you and the likelihood of them becoming a patient.

9. Feature: Updated Seasonal Content*

Every quarter, new seasonal content is added to your site.  This content offers engaging articles about seasonal wellness, self care, seasonal foods and other interesting articles and stories.

Benefit: People are drawn to new and updated information.  Updated seasonal content offers fresh, changing information for your web visitors to look forward to read each season while also promoting your expertise and increasing your credibility.

*Some features not available in every website package. See our full list of pricing and features here.

In summary:

Your competitors have online presence and are using a website to maximize their exposure. Staying behind the times and not jumping on the marketing wagon online will lead to less patients and a need for increased traditional marketing efforts. Why miss out? We have everything setup. You just need to jump on the wagon that is stopped at your station now!

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