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Our websites are built with SEO in mind. We’ll handle the technical side of setting up your website’s proper meta tags so search engines can properly crawl and index your website, and we’ll craft your Title Tag to include proper keywords and formatting. 

We provide a checklist in your website’s dashboard for other important SEO tasks to help improve your ranking.

We’ll also install Google Analytics and set up Google Search Console for you, including submitting your sitemap for faster indexing.

Our websites include prewritten content that is keyword-rich in acupuncture and health terms, and are fully editable so you can add your important local keywords as well.

Keep in mind we are not a full-service SEO firm. There are many aspects of SEO that are far beyond our pricing levels. Hiring an SEO firm to help write copy, do keyword and competition research, or run ad campaigns can cost $500/mo or more. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

As many as you want! There is no limit to the number of pages or blog posts you can add. Organize your site easily by creating categories for your blog posts, and rearrange your menu with simple drag-n-drop.

We can get your new site live and ready to add content in 1-2 business days*. After you place your order you will need to fill out a short form that collects the basic information about your practice and your new site. Once we get this back from you, we’ll have the first draft of your site up in about one business day.


  • Our Premium package is given priority setup service over our Basic package.
  • Sites with new domain names can be set up in about 1 business day. If you are using an existing domain name, the time to have your new site live varies depending on your current domain registrar and the amount of content that needs to be transferred.

Yes! Our sites are built on the WordPress platform, one of the most user-friendly systems around. Editing a page or adding a new blog post is as easy as writing an email or using a word processor. We also have a support page with tutorials, including some video tutorials, with more added regularly. If you hit a roadblock, you can contact our support staff by email or phone*.

*Phone support available for our Premium clients.

Yes, in most cases. If you are the registrar of your domain name, we can either transfer it to our account or give you the settings needed to point it to our servers.

If you already have a site, we’ll set up your new site at a temporary domain first, which will allow us to take any of your content from your old site you wish to save*. Once your new site is ready, we will help you change the settings on your domain name and your new site will be live – with no downtime during the transition!

*We’ll need to look at your existing site first to be sure we can easily copy content over. In some cases, it may be such a time-consuming process to copy content over that we’d need to provide an additional quote for a full transfer of content.

This depends on a number of factors and is determined on a site-by-site basis.

If you want to save text and images from pages on your existing site, it is usually not a problem as long as they can be easily copied and pasted.

Here are some things that can make it more difficult to copy content over:

  • A very large amount of content to copy
  • Poorly built websites, or sites with old coding that requires a lot of cleanup
  • Video, depending on its format and where it is hosted
  • Sites built in Flash
  • Stock photos or text that you do not have rights to copy to a new site
  • Plugins and scripts that may not be available on our platform

Feel free to contact us before you sign up if you’d like us to look at your site to see if there would be any issues copying content over.

If we aren’t able to copy everything over for you as a part of the included setup process, you would have access to add content to your site yourself. Or, we could give you a quote based on the amount of time it would take to copy and convert all of the content you want to save.

Yes. Images can be added using the simple and intuitive media uploader, and your files will be saved in a media library. Adding video from services like YouTube and Vimeo is easy as well – a simple copy & paste.

Yes. We provide up to 37 pages of written content from our printed products at Acupuncture Media Works. All of this text can be edited, added to, or removed to fit your practice and match your style of treatment.

*The Acupuncture in a Nutshell, interactive quiz, and seasonal articles we update automatically cannot be edited.

Acusimple online scheduling is included FREE with our Premium website package. You can also get discounted rates on Acusimple’s EHR/Practice Management plans.

Basic and Starter websites have an online contact form that allows the user to send an email to you requesting an appointment or more information.

Click here for more info »

Yes, with our Premium website package we can help set up a shopping cart for you to sell products online and accept all major credit cards. Once it’s set up, you can create products from your dashboard that will automatically appear on the shopping cart page of your site. You can use a PayPal* account as a payment processor, but your visitors will not need to have a PayPal account to make purchases.

*Third party payment processing fees may apply

Yes. During the setup process, send us your logo and we will add it to your website banner artwork.

Yes. We provide a four-page initial health history form (a $30 value!) with our Premium websites, but if you want to add more or use your own forms, they can be easily uploaded to your site for visitors to download.

We don’t have our content pre-written in languages other than English, however we can install a translation widget on your site that will allow visitors to view the text of your site in any language.

No, we’re here to help! All of our website packages include unlimited email tech support. We’re in the office Monday – Friday (except major holidays).

Our Premium website customers can also receive tech support over the phone.

No – there are no contracts. We bill monthly and you can cancel at any time.

You can switch between website packages at any time without any extra fees.

For an upgrade, we would add the new features immediately and bill you at your new rate during the next payment cycle.

For a downgrade, your lower rate would apply at the next billing cycle, at which time we would disable the advanced features.

We have an ever-growing support page here: APW Support.

If you can’t find the help you need there, feel free to contact us!

Hi Guys,
Please tell me whether it matters that I am 6000Miles away from the USA.

How? /where ?would Cape Town/ South African Clients find Me/My Website?

I am not to clued up in Website Jargon.

Skip Wright
Cape Town.

  • Hi Skip,

    We have many clients outside of the US. We can set up your website to target Google searches in South Africa, and you have full editing capabilities to make any changes to the site’s included text to better target it to your audience.

  • Just was on Lisa’s webinar. You have a lot of amazing information ihave used in the past. I know a lot about websites having learned over the last 4 years. I don’t understand how 50 plus people sign up with you and all have the same cookie cutter word for word information(although it is the best information) and not have google and others see the exact content and not punish you. What is the point of having all your great information and then hiding it from the search engines and not getting ranked. Do you have someone who once all your info is loaded then goes and changes all the pages to make sure it isn’t obvious duplicate info and can the. Be seo. Thanks

    • Hi Marji,

      Due to the nature of our business, we’ve done a lot of research into how search engines handle (and punish) duplicate content. What we’ve found is that the main issue with duplicate content is when it’s used as spam, or to artificially increase page rank by mirroring pages and having them all link to each other, which obviously isn’t something that our shared content does. Each site that we set up is self-contained and will not be flagged as spam. Otherwise, Google’s algorithm only filters duplicate content from search results on a per-search basis – so for example, if you are located in Spokane, WA and someone searches for “Acupuncture in Spokane”, our other clients with sites based in Denver or San Diego or Tampa will not be a part of that search result, and will not affect your ranking.

      Here’s an article that goes into more detail:

      In addition to that, all of our included pages have the ability to either be marked to not show up in search results, or to be edited to fit your practice and be unique to your website.

      I appreciate your comments, feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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