New Theme Customizer

customizer-screenWe’ve added an awesome new feature that gives you even more control over your acupuncture website: Theme Customization!

All of our websites are now equipped with a powerful theme customizer that lets you tweak the colors, fonts, and design elements of your website – at any time. And of course, our staff is here to help you with any changes the customizer can’t handle, or to make the changes for you.

Access your site’s theme customizer now by logging into your dashboard and going to Appearance > Customizer. See our tutorial below for more info on how to use this exciting new feature!

» Theme Customizer Tutorial

Stay tuned for even more new features in the future!


AcuPerfect Websites: Get Help with Video Tutorials!

Cursor Pointing to Help on a Computer Screen

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on some video tutorials to help customers learn how to use their AcuPerfect Websites. Check out some of the first few videos I’ve made on our support site:

Look for help articles entitled “Video Tutorial”. Topic covered so far are:

  • How to create a post
  • How to upload images and documents
  • Basic formatting
  • Advanced formatting

And this is just the start! More tutorials are to come. If you have an idea for a video tutorial topic that should be covered, leave a comment with your request!