Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog

1) Gain control of the content on your site:

Unless you know HTML code and can go in and change the content on the pages on your website, you will need to go through a web designer, which could be costly and time-consuming.

2) Use your blog to stand out:

You can use your blog to showcase your passion and expertise about your career and practice. In fact, you can create the most informative and content-filled web presence in your area. Aside from establishing credibility, your Google rankings will go up due to the rich content on your site. SHOW YOUR PASSION

3) Become search engine friendly:

SEO experts say that Google indexes blogs faster than regular websites. Tagging your blog posts with keywords gives you a targeted and effective plan for reaching out to your ideal clients. Especially if you are living in a competitive area.

4) Build Relationships:

Your blog posts are an extension of your inner world- personally and/or professionally. When a reader leaves a comment or a question after your post, a relationship starts budding. It is all about connecting, interacting and building trust. Then the business or patient-practitioner relationship can flow naturally.

5) Go viral:

Once a month, embed a Youtube video (or two) to allow your visitors to experience you with more of their senses, then just reading your website content. When they see you talk about a subject, even if it is announcing your May specials, they get to feel out who you are.

6) Recycle your blogposts to redirect traffic to your website:

What this means is, repurposing the content of a blog and turning it into an article that you can submit to online article directory to increase your exposure and credibility. The more you write, the more digital footprint you have, which adds to your general visibility.

7) Blog your way into a book:

Blogging is an excellent way to break down the process of writing a book- even if that isn’t the initial intention. After blogging consistently for a year, you may notice common threads in your writing and might be able to pull enough posts in to publish a book. A great way to establish yourself as an expert! And a source of pride too!

8) Contribute to the lives of others:

Blogs are free and open to public. Unless you are intentionally trying to make money off of your blog, it is an act of giving, sharing of yourself and/or your expertise. Investing time and energy to share your perspective and input on something other people also care about is a way to serve humanity.

9) Keep them coming back:

Write a series of blog posts on a subject. Give them a reason to come back to your site. This keeps the top-of-mind-awareness active. Showcasing your expertise on a health topic will establish you as the expert in the patient’s eyes and they will be more likely to reach out to you if and when they suffer from those ailments.

10) Stay authentic while you market your practice:

No one wants to feel like a used car salesman when trying to get the word out about their business. You don’t have to become someone you don’t like to make a living doing what you love. Your blog will help build relationships and show prospective customers the intersection between the profession and the practitioner (you)- which is where the actually business happens.


Below are some resources to help you become a better blogger:

1) Belle Beth Cooper wrote a blog post called 16 Top Tips From Blogging Experts, you can read that here.

2) A never ending resource on blogging tips and ideas, access here.

3) Here’s a post on how to write a good blog post, see that here.


The new AcuPerfectWebsites is live!

We’re proud to announce that the new AcuPerfect Websites is live!

We’ve been making a lot of improvements and upgrades over the past few months to better serve acupuncturists by providing the best possible product that we can. We feel that every acupuncture clinic should have an amazing website that is more than just a glorified phonebook listing – your website should be a resource to keep in touch with existing patients, a beacon to guide new patients through your doors, and a tool to build a prosperous business (and a healthy planet!).

Here are just a few of the things we’ve improved recently:

  • New HelpDesk: We’ve moved our tutorials over to our new help desk page powered by ZenDesk. You can now browse help articles, ask questions in the forums, or submit support tickets to our staff. Visit our help desk here »
  • New lower price option: We understand that not every acupuncture practice is the same, so we’ve split up our website package into 3 pricing levels. We’ve created a trimmed-down ‘Basic’ level website, but don’t let the name fool you. It’s still packed with great features including a blog, pre-written content, Search Engine Optimization, unlimited new pages, ability to upload photos and video, and much more. If you want that extra level of website awesomeness, our Premium level websites have much more pre-written content, an interactive seasonal patient quiz about the benefits of acupuncture, seasonal articles updated automatically every 3 months, and more. If you want all this, but also want to give a shot of energy to your search engine rankings, our Ultimate package includes Advanced Search Engine Optimization and directory listings. See our full list of features and pricing »
  • New designs: We’ve added 2 designs to our collection “Watercolor” and “Great Wall” – Check out our designs here »

We’ll be updating this blog regularly with news, information, tips, and more. Stay tuned!