Portfolio & Reviews

Below are a selection of screenshots of acupuncture websites built on the AcuPerfectWebsites platform.

Some of these designs were built by our staff, others were built by our clients using the included customization tools.

“From the very beginning AcuPerfect Websites Team has been amazing. My site was up and running in a matter of days once I registered with them. The AcuPerfect Websites Team was really helpful with all of our revisions and took their time to understand and implement each and every one of our requests. We have a gorgeous looking web site with no maintenance and having a great website has helped us to build a great online presence.”

Hatice – L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., M.S

“This is our first website and we needed a lot of help to set it up.
Help is exactly what we got and we got it within minutes every time! Everyone was great and AcuPerfect Websites service was superb. The site runs on its own now and brings many patients to our practice. I would recommend Acupuncture Media Works websites to anyone who wants to grow their practice. The cost is also very affordable especially for the great return. The entire process was easy thanks to their help.”Rhonda – L.Ac.

“I have been weighing my options for a website for almost three years and have finally decided to take the plunge and order mine through AcuPerfect Websites. I had been settling for a website that I was embarrassed to send clients to for information, and now have one that I am proudly telling everyone about! I chose AcuPerfect Websites because of the rich content they provide, plus the blog, Full Slate, and attractive charts and photos. I have to say also that I am VERY impressed with their exceptional customer service and incredibly fast turn around! I highly recommend Acupuncture Media Works for all of your marketing needs – you won’t be disappointed!”

Katie – Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM), L.Ac.

“For many years, I avoided redoing my rudimentary website because I was overwhelmed by the choices and the expense of hiring a website designer. Then I saw the offer from Acupuncture MediaWorks, who run AcuPerfect Websites, and I was sold. I’ve purchased other products from them and found them to be topnotch, well-written and designed, and affordable. In addition, the fact that the company is run by an acupuncturist with marketing know-how made it such a great fit.

My website just went up in the past few days and when I contacted people on my mailing list, I was deluged with compliments — at least 40 in two days. I haven’t put up the online scheduling function yet, but just letting people know about the website generated requests for appointments.

It’s also so easy to add my own blog posts and to edit those from administration. Their posts are clearly written by people who understand acupuncture, and their extensive material has made my website a great resource for people who are curious about acupuncture.

I have a limited understanding of computers and even I find it a breeze to make changes in my website. It’s a very user-friendly platform, and I’m relieved to know that I have backup, even though the website is up and running.

I highly recommend using AcuPerfect Websites to design, host, and monitor your next website. By the way, I’m so impressed with the company that I signed up for their marketing program, which I am eager to begin.”

Donna – L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., M.Ac.

“With the overwhelming task of setting up my new office I decided to give AcuPerfectWebsites a try. In less than a month I already know I made the right decision. The site looks great and the tech support is supreme, coming to my aid when challenges arise allowing me to focus on my practice. Highly recommended!”

Chris – MSOM, Dipl.Ac. & Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), L.Ac.

“My new website was up and running very soon after I sent in my personal information. I really appreciate the extensive backbone of information and graphics that I get to flesh out with my bio, photos and links to my photo galleries from studying in China & links to my YouTube channel. The site is so much better than anything I could have cobbled together myself using empty templates from my previous website host.”

Eli – Lic.Ac.

“This is the first website I have had and I find the support service is outstanding. For every question asked I am given several suggestions to resolve the issue I am experiencing. Thank you for all your help.”

Sandra – M.S., L.Ac.