Difference Between Pages and Posts

Should you create a Page or a Post?

A Page is usually added to your Main Menu and is meant to be static. Pages usually contain information that will remain relevant for a long time (such as your bio, info about acupuncture, your pricing and fees, insurance information, etc.)

A Post gets added to your Blog in most cases, and cannot be directly added to your main menu. The newest post always shows up at the top of the Blog page, and older blog posts get pushed further down the page and into the archive. Posts are best for news and updates, or sharing articles you find on other blogs on the web. Posts have Categories and Tags that you can use to organize your blog posts, allowing people to view all blog posts that cover a particular topic (such as Pain or Arthritis). Posts are also used for Testimonials, the What We Treat page, and the Q&A page. You can control where the Post shows up on the site by using Categories.


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