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7 Tips to Help You Craft a More Compelling “About” Page

1) Know who you’re talking to

Understanding who your prospective patients are is the most overlooked aspect of business communication. Every message you craft should begin by understanding the audience it’s intended for. 

In your case, it’s intended for potential patients who are looking for help with a specific condition or health concern. Be clear about the conditions you treat most often and how you have helped your patients achieve their health goals.

2) Don’t just lead with the facts
People need to know more about the “real” you. Facts alone don’t persuade. Be sure your “About” page is a window into who you are, and how you can help. Patients are looking to connect with you in an emotional way and presenting the “real” you will help them do just that. Tell them your story about why you became an acupuncturist. Be clear about who you help and why prospective patients should choose you over another practitioner in your area. Crafting a compelling story can build trust. If your story resonates with patients they are more likely to schedule a consultation with you.
3) Share your values
Identify and share your values. Tell prospective patients who you are, what you believe in and how you can help them.

4) Show Yourself

Deepen your trust with prospective patients by adding a photo to your bio and “About” page. Patients are curious and like to see who you are, that way can they feel comfortable working with you to achieve their health goals.

Be sure to use a professional photo, not one taken with a cell phone. A small, outdated picture can detract from your message, and prevent a potential patient from scheduling an appointment.

5) Tell the story of your professional journey

Explain how you got to where you are today. Your backstory doesn’t have to be a chronological list. Don’t simply list your credentials and what you can treat, make it interesting. Tell them about your own personal healing journey and shed light on the reason why you chose to become an acupuncturist and why you’re passionate about healing people.

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6) Tell people how you can help them
People are looking for you to make them feel better. People seeking treatment want to know how you can heal them. Be specific and explain how you help people in your community. Demonstrate how you provide relief to patients; display and link to testimonials on your website. Doing so will give prospective patients a sense of what it’s like to work with you, and why they should trust you.
7) Add a contact link
Your “About” page should not only provide information and build trust, but it must also encourage potential patients to get in contact with you and your staff. Include links to your scheduling and contact forms, or encourage them to take action on one of your Call-to-Action offers.

Additionally, your “About” page could include the following information:

  • When you started your practice.
  • Where the practice is located.
  • The practice’s vision.
  • A general description of what you do.
  • Achievements and goals.

Writing a compelling “About” page encourages people to trust and choose you as their go-to acupuncturist.

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