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Increase your following and attract more patients with social media

Are your social media business pages attracting new prospective patients, “likes” and new followers?

Most acupuncturists are not using Facebook and Instagram correctly to attract new patients to their practice, and many aren’t using social media to grow their practice at all.

Social media management is overwhelming. Creating content regularly and sharing it takes a lot of time, energy you could better spend treating patients.

SocialReach+ | Social Media for Acupuncturists | Logo

We do it all for you for!

  • Spend Less Time Marketing
  • Spend More Time Treating Patients

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SocialReach+ | Social Media for Acupuncturists | Logo

How Our Service Works

SocialReach+ is designed to help you become more active on your Facebook and Instagram business pages, designed to help you attract new patients in your community.

Our team of social media experts will keep your social media channels active with fresh acupuncture-related content monthly. And, our team is available to assist you if you have any questions along the way.

Increase your audience engagement and attract new patients on Facebook and Instagram with SocialReach+ and position yourself as the acupuncture authority in your local area.

Attract New Patients

An active social media page will attract more patients to your clinic and help you fill your schedule!

Social Media Marketing

Done-for-you weekly posts direct to your social media pages. Find new patients in your area.

Save Time for Patients

We manage your social media pages for you so your can spend more time healing patients.

Features List

  • Set up of your Facebook Business page
  • Set up and activation of Instagram Business page
  • 15-minute consultation call with one of our Social Reach+ experts (if required)
  • Facebook cover photo set up
  • Instagram Setup and connectivity
  • Beautifully designed TCM content posted weekly to your social media pages
  • Engaging TCM videos published to Facebook and Instagram every month
  • AcuPerfect Websites premium subscriber blog posts published to social media pages (must be a member)

Get one month for $1

Renews at standard rate. Only $87 per month.

SocialReach+ | Social Media for Acupuncturists | Logo

Content You Can Expect From Us Every Month

Get one month for $1

Renews at standard rate. Only $87 per month.

Why Social Media is Important for Your Practice


With billions of Facebook users, Facebook has become a daily staple and is compatible with all devices, making it easy for prospective patients to see your services by accessing your Facebook business page no matter where they are.


Instagram is an effective social media platform for marketing your practice, and it continues to grow everyday. Many practitioners and acupuncturists aren’t using Instagram effectively to market and grow their practice locally.

Enhance your online social media presence with 

We can help increase the “likes” and “shares” on your social media business pages. Generating more traffic to your website and social media channels will engage more prospective patients in your local area and promote awareness about your clinic’s acupuncture services.


Let our team of social media experts design and post high-quality acupuncture-related blog posts, engaging videos and memes for you, so you don’t have to.


Grow your practice today!

Get one month for $1

Renews at standard rate. Only $87 per month.

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