Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a necessity for every acupuncture practice. 85% of website traffic comes from the search engines. Every day prospective patients are searching for an acupuncturist and if you are not doing SEO they will NEVER find you. Whether your website is ranking well in the search engines or not, it is important to have ongoing SEO to maintain and improve your rankings. It is the best form of online marketing you can do for your practice, bar none.

If you are not doing any form of SEO, you are losing patients to your competition, and your website becomes a bit less valuable to your practice.

Standard SEO

All of our websites come with our standard SEO package. This primarily consists of what is known as “On-Page” SEO – which means the sites are built in a way that is easy for Google to crawl and index. The Standard SEO package includes:

  • H1 Title tags on each page
  • Meta tag titles, descriptions, and keywords
  • XML Sitemap
  • Automatically ping Google/Bing with changes to your site
  • Latest blog content shows up on home page
  • Option to no-index/no-follow pages

link building serviceAdvanced SEO Upgrade

We’ve partnered with to bring you advanced SEO backlinking to help you move up the ranks faster, especially in highly competitive areas. Read more about LinkFool here:

Rank ahead of your competition with LinkFool’s advanced link building strategies for high quality backlinks.The search engines are always changing their rules, but one fact remains: quality backlinks will put your website on top. Number 1 rankings are not built off of just good content, they are built from backlinks. Not junk backlinks, but high quality backlinks. What is a quality backlink? Read below to learn more about our strategies and methodologies that we’ve proven over and over again by making LinkFool customers #1. They’ve worked for some of the best websites on the web including John Hopkins Medicine, The Weather Channel, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, and they can work for you.

Diverse Link Building Strategies for Natural Inbound Links

If you’ve bought links before you’ve seen those packages, 100 directory links, 25 edu links or 200 social media profiles. There is a serious issue with this type of service though, it’s blatantly fake! Do you really think the search engines don’t know this? That they can’t monitor that all of a sudden you have 250 of the same type of backlinks? The truth is they do, and they’ll punish your website for it.This is why at the core of what LinkFool does different is a multitude of link building strategies that build natural links from diverse websites.Your backlinks should benefit you for the long term and definitely not put your website at risk. Google and the rest of the search engines are getting smarter by the day, so even though you might see a short bump in rankings your site will fall in the long term. Build your backlinks right, with LinkFool and benefit over and over again.

 Contextual Backlinks from Relevant Websites and Pages

Contextual links are the most effective of all. They are back links built from websites that are relevant, ie. similar to yours. If you built a website about gorillas in Africa a backlink from a website selling toilet bowls in New York really won’t have much benefit. However, a backlink from the African National Refuge for Gorillas has the potential to make your rankings soar. This is what we do, we find backlinks from sites similar to yours and you watch your rankings climb in the search engines.

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