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Acupuncture Marketing Interview Series

Do you want to heal more people in your community and
attract new patients to your practice?

Learn how to market your practice effectively and reach more patients.  
Join us FREE October 22 – 26th.

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Acupuncture Marketing Interview Series

Exclusively for Acupuncture Professionals

Join Us FREE October 22 - 26th

Let's dive deep into the world of effectively marketing your acupuncture practice.

We’ll show you the strategies and tactics you’ll need to grow your practice exponentially.

Learn how to attract new patients every month. Help more families in your community by changing their health through the power of acupuncture.

Learn from the top Marketing Mentors in our industry.
We will teach you how to easily maximize the growth of your practice.

Acupuncture Marketing Interview Series Schedule

Join Us October 22nd to 26th



Adrian Larsen

Founder of Acugraph.com
Prove Acupuncture Works with a simple computer-assisted exam that shows patients their chi right now—and their progress over time.

Teri Pfleger

Founder of SocialMediaMarketingTK.com
CEO and founder of Connections Social Media Marketing, has a way of making her audiences feel welcomed and engaged. Her passion and humor keep audiences focused and energized, and they walk away with knowledge about social media that can be used immediately. She makes the ever-changing and complex “tech world” less intimidating.

Michael Gaeta

Founder of MichaelGaeta.com
Michael works with natural health professionals who want to improve their patient care and practice success—through his one-year clinicians’ mentoring program, live seminars and webinars, and distance learning programs.



Kate Altneu

Founder of Acuprosper.com
I’ve had the pleasure and fortune to serve hundreds of other acupuncturists just like you who want to build a practice based on their special gifts, talents, and skills.

Jason Stein

Founder of JasonStein.com
After becoming a Licensed Acupuncturist, Jason established New Mexico's first hospital based integrative medicine program. He has helped thousands of business owners who want to make a difference and need to make a profit



Lorne Brown

Founder of ProDseminars.net
Clinical Director of Acubalance Wellness Centre and the Founder of Pro D Seminars, Medigogy and the Integrative Fertility Symposium.


Heidi Brockmyre

Founder of HeidiBrockmyre.com
Through my revolutionary online programs, I’ve had the joy of empowering thousands of women with the tools and techniques of ancient traditional medicines to overcome fertility issues.

Clara Cohen

Founder AcuProAcademy.com
My passion is helping dedicated practitioners change the world one patient at a time. I’ve been teaching TCM to future acupuncturists and naturopathic doctors since 2008.



Honora Wolfe

Founder of BluePoppy.com
Blue Poppy Enterprises, Inc. publishes textbooks and professional courses on Chinese medicine. Honora Wolfe is a published author.

Chen Yen

Founder of IntrovertedVisionary.com
We help DCs, LAcs, NDs, and functional medicine practitioners grow their practices to 6 & 7-figures in 1/3 of the time it typically takes. The introverted way. It's time to change our broken healthcare system, with us introverts leading the change!



Michelle Grasek

Founder of michellegrasek.com
Online marketing education for acupuncturists and other wellness providers. Our goal is to help acupuncturists successfully market their practices to bring in more patients and revenue.

Jeffrey Grossman

Founder of AcupunctureMediaWorks.com and AcuPerfectWebsites.com
I have helped thousands of acupuncturists grow their practice through patient education and marketing techniques that work.

Jeffrey Grossman

Founder and CEO of
AcupunctureMediaWorks.com and

Hello everyone,

I’m really excited to be hosting this interview series and presenting it to you as an invaluable marketing resource you can use to help attract more patients and grow your practice while healing your community.

Our lineup of Marketing Mentor interviews is unprecedented. I know this series will bring you great information to help support your success and create a better healthier world.

AOM Day is right around the corner so now is the best time to get involved and join our interview series FREE online.

See you October 22nd. Don’t forget to set your reminder below.


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