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A Year in Review [2020 Edition]

Despite all the ups-and-downs 2020 had to offer, we always invest time to reflect on the year, acknowledge our mistakes and be grateful for a one-in-a-million kind of year.

One thing is for certain, during these uncertain times our nation of acupuncturists have stepped up and contributed greatly to the needs and care of the people in their communities. How amazing is that?

Thank you for all you do and bringing acupuncture and TCM to the forefront and healing the people in your community.

Here is a look back at 2020 for AcuPerfect Websites.

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A look back

[ 2020 ]

AcuPerfect Websites | 2020 in Review | Blog | Looking back through binoculars

We’ve all experienced 2020 in similar, but different ways.

Like many of you, earlier this year our team at AcuPerfect Websites wasn’t entirely sure how we were going to navigate the year ahead. 

This year we saw clinics close temporarily due to regulations, while other clinics stayed open. At one point or another, we all had to pivot and try to figure out how to weather the 2020 storm. 

At AcuPerfect Websites, 2020 brought some loses to learn from. Despite all the hurdles, it also brought some wins to celebrate along the way.  

Some of those wins include new features to offer you to help you attract new patients, or free up your time so you can treat more patients. 

Here is a look back at our 2020 wins here at AcuPerfect Websites.

Best New Website Feature

Landing Pages

Landing Pages Complement Your Marketing | AcuPerfect WebsitesOver the years, many of our acupuncturists have requested landing pages for their websites.  So we introduced landing pages to our AcuPerfect Websites customers this past year.

Landing pages are simple in concept, they are themed around conditions you treat, such as headaches or pain, and are designed to position you as an authority in your community with solutions that patients in pain are looking for.

Landing pages are great for practitioners who specialize in treating specific conditions. They help increase your opportunity to attract new patients in your community who suffer from those conditions. 

Increase your ranking in Google search results for the conditions you treat most with landing pages.

Best New Service

SocialReach+ Logo

With more staying at home in 2020, people have utilized social media platforms to stay in connected with friends and family.  In 2020, we soft-launched a new social media service for acupuncturists called SocialReach+

SocialReach+ is a done-for-you monthly social media service. Our team of designers and social media experts create monthly TCM-rich content for your practice and we publish it directly to your social media pages for you.

SocialReach+ is designed to help you become more active on your Facebook and Instagram business pages, and was created to help you attract new patients in your community using social media.

SocialReach+ takes the headache out of having to brainstorm ideas for new content and then figuring out how to get it designed and published correctly without spending a ton of money.

Partnership of the Year

My Herbal Pharmacy Logo

Ramtin “Ram” Dehkhoda L.A.c, Herbalist

In 2020, we were proud to partner with
Ramtin “Ram” Dehkhoda L.A.c, Herbalist and founder of

My Herbal Pharmacy is an online pharmacy for acupuncture practitioners. Ramtin and his team are leading the charge with their online herbal pharmacy and fulfillment pharmacy.
is an online herbal practice software designed to aid practitioners in writing herbal formulas in under 5 minutes. Incorporating an herbal pharmacy into your practice is a great way to expand your tool belt of modalities as a practitioner.

Ram and his team are making it their goal to increase accessibility to custom herbal formulas and strive to educate and empower herbalists of all levels.

AcuPerfect Websites are proud to introduce MyHerbalPharmacy to you as part of your website service. is a low-cost way to generate a new revenue stream in your practice.

Would you like to learn more about
or join for FREE?

Acupuncture Medicine Day

AM Day Logo

AM Day Marketing Kit | Product ShotEvery year on Oct 24th we celebrate Acupuncture Medicine Day! It’s our day to spread the message of good health through acupuncture and Chinese medicine!

To help spread the word in 2020, AcuPerfect Websites and Acupuncture Media Works were excited to design a FREE “AM Day Marketing Kit” for acupuncturists to download and use to help promote our day and the medicine.

AcuPerfect Websites | 2020 in Review | Blog | Looking back through binoculars

A look Forward

[ 2021 ]

Moving Forward

AcuPerfect Websites

At the beginning of every year, our team meets to discuss how to apply what we’ve learn from the last. This year will be no different.

We’ve got some exciting partnerships to pursue this year, to bring to you as an AcuPerfect website member.  Our goal is to continue to bring better value to you and your service.

As an example, in 2020, we partnered with to help you prescribe herbs to patients using an easy online platform.

With stay-at-home orders in place, we pursued a partnership with provides you with free Telehealth meetings and can be easily integration with your AcuPerfect website. 

Learn more about free account. When you sign up, get 10% off any paid plan with code: APW10

Look what we're Building

AcuPerfect Websites

Looking into 2021, we see opportunity! Opportunity to better serve you by  improving our website service.

Here are some new features we’ll be announcing in 2021:

  • SocialReach+ Our social media service SocialReach+ will be getting an upgrade.  We have added more content each month and redesigned the content to be more engaging to your patients and followers. In simple words, SocialReach+ is looking awesome in 2021!
  • Review Widget. We’ll be introducing our Review Widget to you in 2021. This widget is designed to collect reviews from patients easily. The widget provides them with a simple way to review your services on Google, Facebook and Yelp.
  • New website themes and designs.
  • New Tutorials are coming.
  • And plenty more features.

Thank you for being part of our AcuPerfect Websites family.

Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous new year.

We’ll talk soon.

Ben & Ken @ AcuPerfect Websites
Ben & Ken

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