6 Ways To Keep Your Patients Alive Using Your Email


One of the most inexpensive ways to grow your practice is something you do EVERY DAY – email.
Keeping in touch with your patients via email serves many purposes:
> Keeps you in front of mind awareness
> Let’s you inform, inspire and entertain your patients
> Gives you a vehicle to stay current with your active and inactive patients
> Allows you to share research, promote your Facebook page and anything else that inspires you to educate your patients with
In this article, I want to talk about the main thing that drives people to open your email or read your blog, and that’s the headline you use.

I’ve put together a brief reference that you can use each time you write and email to your patients or your next blog article.

If your website does not have a blog, it should. Because you could be missing out on a BIG piece of search engine optimization.

If you don’t have time to blog, we can push automatic blog posts to your site for you using our website service.


First thing is first.

You should keep a running list of articles and research that you come across that gets you excited and that you want to share with your patients and community.

> Keep a list of articles nd research topics that you are attracted to

> Keep a list of headlines and email subject lines that you like and that you think your audience will like

> Peruse your favorite websites for ideas for posts, topics, and headlines. A few of my personal favorites are: Mind Body Green, Dr. Mercola, Fitness, AcuTake, Greatist

> Join other practitioner and health related newsletters t osee what they are writing about

> Add your blog posts and articles to your Facebook and Twitter accounts

Creating a powerful headline will get more people (patients) to open your email and read your article/blog posts. The more people who open your emails and click back through to your site, can slowly help your Google rankings.


Here a re a few tried and true email and article templates that you can use.

1) Before you do ______ make sure you do this _____

This is a good topic to get people to try your services before they do something else.

For instance:

“Before you visit an Acupuncturist, read this first” – This can lead into an article about how to prepare for your first visit, or the top 10 reasons they should be coming in to see you.


2) Why I don’t _____

This is great because people are always wondering what it is that you don’t do. It’s some what controversial.

For instance:

“Why I don’t take prescription medication” or “Why I don’t think diets really help”

Then you can go into how acupuncture helps to rebalance and restore normal body function so there may be not as much of a need to take prescription medication. Or the fact that their Spleen may be out-of-balance, therefore dieting may not be the real way for now to help them lose weight.


3) [Famous Person’s Name] has tried this, how about you?

People are always interested in the gilt and glam of celebrities. These days more and more of them are trying acupuncture or cupping. So including their name and the therapy they tried can be real helpful.

For instance:

“Jennifer Lopez lost 15 pounds using acupuncture!”

Here is link to a practitioners site that can help http://www.acupuncturecure.com/celebrities-that-use-acupuncture/


4) ____ things you must do after _____

This is good. Everyone wants to know what to do after a specific action.

For instance:

“3 things you must do after a sports injury”, or “5 things you should eat this winter that won’t cause imbalance”, or “3 things to do after your first acupuncture treatment”.


5) ____ secrets I wish I knew when I was _____

People love secrets and everyone wants to know what the secret is.

For instance:

“7 secrets to living a longer, more balanced life”, or “5 proven weight loss secrets that anyone can do”, “3 secret acupressure points to reduce stress”.


6) _____ things that acupuncturists use and why

People love to get in the “know” of knowing what other people are doing, especially healthcare providers. It gives them a behind the scenes look at your life and how you stay balanced.

For instance:

“The top ___ techniques to reduce stress”, or “7 must-have herbal formulas that every house should have”, or “The 3 health books that should be on every patents book shelf”.

The above headline an email subject lines are a good place to start to get the ball rolling. These days it’s important to stay in contact with your patients and the internet makes it REALLY easy!

You should be keeping in contact with your patients via email, at a minimum, 2x per month. The best course of action would be to draft an article/post and pull a teaser paragraph from it that you can put in your email.

So it would go something like this…

Subject line:

7 Things You Should Know About Acupuncture And Pregnancy

Email teaser copy

Acupuncture involves the placement of thin sterilized needles to stimulate various acupointsthroughout the body. The stimulation of these areas is believed to correct imbalances and blockages in the body by promoting the healthy flow of energy (known as qi – pronounced CHEE).

The thought of having half a dozen or more tiny needles sticking into your skin when you’re pregnant, might sound frightening. However, it’s actually a safe, painless, straightforward procedure that can treat a number of adverse symptoms associated with pregnancy.

Click her to find out how it can help. http://windinthewillowsacupuncture.com/7-things-you-should-know-about-acupuncture-and-pregnancy/

[Link to the rest of the article on your website]

Yours in health and happiness

[Your name]


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