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A Year in Review [ 2020 Edition ]

Despite all the ups-and-downs 2020 had to offer, we always invest time to reflect on the year, acknowledge our mistakes and be grateful for a one-in-a-million kind of year.

One thing is for certain, during these uncertain times our nation of acupuncturists have stepped up and contributed greatly to the needs and care of the people in their communities. How amazing is that?

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Setting up your “Google My Business” Page

Setting up your “Google My Business” Page
It is important for you to further your online visibility and attract new prospective patients to your website. Setting up your “Google My Business” page takes just a few minutes and is key in increasing your ranking in Google search results and Google Maps.

Google My Business enables you to connect directly with prospective patients within your local area. After setting up your account, Google will require you to verify your business address.

Why landing pages are important for attracting patients to your Acupuncture Practice.

As marketing increasingly moves online, so does acupuncturists’ need to attract patients through effective landing pages. Sometimes “landing page” just means the first page on your website where visitors land, but often it means a sign-up form where users exchange their information for your services.

Specialized landing pages will attract more patients than your homepage. Whereas your website mostly informs users already familiar with your practice, landing pages put your foot in the door with prospective patients. Here’s what landing pages can do for your acupuncture practice.

7 Tips to Help you Craft a More Compelling “About” Page

Understanding who your prospective patients are is the most overlooked aspect of business communication. Every message you craft should begin by understanding the audience it’s intended for. In your case, it’s intended for potential patients who are looking for help with a specific condition or health concern. Be clear about the conditions you treat most often and how you have helped your patients achieve their health goals.

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